What kind of light is best for a planted aquarium

After fixing the aquarium with two philips CFLs (PL-L 36W/865/4P), doing some more research on what kind of light is best for aquarium plants – i mean not in terms of lux or brightness but in terms of light temperature i.e. cool, red, blue what ?

Based on some initial research on the internet found that : Chlorophyll does not absorb all the wavelengths of visible light equally,  light absorption is maximum at 430 and 662 nm. This means that lights which have peaks in their output color  spectrum around this range are the most efficient for plant growth.

Lets review the light spectrum for lamps that i put in :-

Light spectrum for Pl-L 36W/865/4PColor spectrum


There are two small peaks around 430 and 662 nm but the largest one is around 550 nm which is not going to be that useful. Let me do some more digging around and see what comes up…