Geo-tagging photographs – Adding location information to your photographs

Discovered a really cool way to add location information to your images (i.e. Geo-tagging photographs ) that too without buying a GPS unit for your camera.

Heres how :-

1. Your mobile phone must have GPS on it.

2. install any of the following apps on the mobile (short list, their could be many more)

  • Latitude from Google
  • GPS logger for Andriod
  • GPS Essentials

Basically you need a phone which can log  GPS data to either the internet or to a file. If you use latitude enable history in the options.

3. Before heading out :-

  • Make sure your camera and mobile clocks (time) are in sync
  • Start the applicaiton from #2 above on your mobile

4. Finish your shoot, come back and switch off the application (else it will keep draining your battery)

  • If you sue latitude the data will on the google latitude site
  • if others, it will be on the mobile so transfer it to your computer

5. Convert the data to a GPX file (with this step you have the latitude and longitude with timestamp recorded perdiodically). You can use

6. Download images from camera to your computer

7. Use any of the following to add the location information to your photos

  • GEOsetter
  • GPicSync

Voila, you are all set !!!!!