Mango M2M setup using Ubuntu server

Mango M2M setup on a Ubuntu server is fairly straightforward, so i won’t go into too much details on the basic steps involved other than direct you to appropriate links :- Mango M2M setup

1. Install Linux (I used the Ubuntu server version) on any desktop or laptop with a working USB connection. We will use USB connection later to connect to the Arduino base transreceiver. Detailed Ubuntu server installation instructions here

2. Install Tomcat and Mango M2M application. Detailed instructions on Mango M2M setup here

3. Install MYSQL on your Linux server. Detailed instructions here

4. Configure Mango M2M to use MYSQL vs the default debian. Detailed instructions here

The last step is especially important since otherwise you are likely to get very poor  performance from your Mango M2M server once the data size grows.

3 thoughts on “Mango M2M setup using Ubuntu server

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