DIY – Remote flash trigger with opto-isolator : Part – I

DIY: Remote Light Trigger with opto isolator  to protect camera. 

Recently i decided to photograph a lot of figurines / curios which were lying around at home. For this, i needed to setup a product  table with a pure white background and also the right set of strobes around it.  Well, i had 2 strobes from ProPhoto and only one  Yangano flash for my 450D. This lead to a delima on  how to  get pure white background and still leave 2 strobes for lighting the product itself. Not wanting to invest in one more flash, i scratched my head and remembered that my dad had an old Vivitar flash from the Canon film days. The problem was, that it was really old and i had no way of syncing it with the other flash / strobes, so this resulted in more head scratching , conclusions :-


  1. The flash probably had a trigger voltage which would blow out modern cameras or triggering devices
  2. The flash had a very old adaptor which modern cords did not fit into

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