Metal Halides vs CFLs in Aquariums – Installed a Metal Halide Lamp a few weeks back …

Motivated by some ‘knowledgable’  aquarium enthusiasts, I was motivated to improve my aquarium lighting and install a 70W MH lamp. It was DIY setup, the steps for which i will post later. The lamp was a OSRAM HQI-TS NDL 70W, details :-

It was a 4200K lamp, so not ideal, however was told that it would work just fine.

So what do i think of the two philips CFLs (PL-L 36W/865/4P) vs  OSRAM HQI-TS NDL 70W after a couple of weeks of operation, well I think the CFLs win hands down !!! And, what do i base the assessment on, simply on the oxygen bubbles i see forming on leave when i use the CFLs vs the MHs in the same tank….

However the jury is still out on the MH vs CFL debate, since the above is not really a completely fair comparison. Why? Because, the MH is 4200K and the CFL are 6500K, i am still hunting for 6500K MH but no luck so far where i live…

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